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Speaker Topics


(essential changes needed in today’s ever changing market place)


Keynote! or seminar format with active group participation and open ended Q&A

What your audience will learn during this fact and fun filled program with actionable take- a- ways.

  • Sales strategies that build on emotional intelligence NOT on IQ
  • Techniques to build long term and sustainable revenue producing customers.
  • Thought provoking management policy revues to make real and measureable productivity changes.
  • Engaging your sales force with management to solidify the team spirit.
  • The power of recognition and how it impacts the bottom line for employee retention
  • Innovative marketing strategies that build customer loyalty and retention.
  • Let’s test your CIQ. The results could startle you!


( the wave of the future! = personal freedom)


Keynote! or interactive workshop format with open ended Q&A.

From the Founder and CEO of the International Entrepreneurs Association www.iea777.com this spirited, fun and fact filled session of “How To” is based on my decades of personal experience. It is designed to give your audience a chance to take a serious look at the real facts about being an entrepreneur. The inside secrets, from someone who has done it, can prove it, AND is willing to teach it.

What your audience will learn.

  • Really understand what it means to be a “TRUE” entrepreneur.
  • Be able to test the waters before they “jump in “
  • Analyze their skill sets to make solid decisions on facts rather than just the dream of freedom.
  • What field to choose?
  • Learn about the invention process.
  • Learn about the necessary steps to take legally to protect their ideas, products concepts.
  • Understand the risks and rewards and the consequences of wrong decisions.
  • Embrace the changes and how they will effect their individual lives and the impact on friends and family.
  • Discover techniques for creative” fail safe” assessment of new products.
  • How to develop a marketing strategy
  • The seven habits of highly successful entrepreneurs.


(yes! it really does work)


Keynote!  or interactive workshop with open ended Q&A

This session is based on my personal experience in this niche market. As a result I was on national television infomercials and helped many students become successful.

What the audience will learn.

  • What you really need to make it BIG?
  • How long will it take?
  • Having the right attitude.
  • Understanding your market place.
  • How to find the right customers.
  • Learn how to avoid the pitfalls.
  • How to keep things legal.
  • How to set yourself up in business.
  • How to have all the realtors loving you!
  • How to give away house to those in need?
  • How to market yourself and your business.


( you need all three to be successful )

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Keynote or seminar format based on the contents of my upcoming book by the same title and my marriage of 57+ years. The audience will interact in lively aspects of their personal health, wealth and happiness and be able to integrate personal information to make the information relevant. A personal assessment is available for each attendee.

After the presentation attendees will know how to:


Really understand our medical system and how it works
The cost of not caring for yourself
What you really need to do for you
Alternative health care
What’s best for you?
Where to find help


What is true wealth?
What is enlightened wealth?
How to create “personal wealth”
How to achieve enlightened status
How wealth helps you, your community and our world


What is your “happiness” thermostat set at?
Take the test and see your temperature
Are you hot? Cold? or just comfortable
Push your boundaries to get outside the box
Happiness vs. sadness
Exploring your new boundaries
Creating a new mental road map


(how are yours?)

SESSION DESCRIPTION:   Keynote! or ideal in a seminar format and perfect for a couples retreat or breakout session at a convention where couples attend or for singles who want to learn how to improve their own relationship skills. With proper planning this can be a fun filled, cathartic learning experience where everyone benefits to make an event very memorable. The presentation is filled with rib tickling humor, facts, and anecdotal one liners to completely engage the audience in a positive way and ends with a personal take away assessment test.

What the audience will learn:

  • Take the test to find out where you are in your personal relationship.
  • Is it toxic or fairy tale?
  • Learn “REAL” communication techniques based on my personal experience and 57 + years of marriage.
  • Learn the “hot & cold” scale of feelings and proven techniques to finally connect at the deepest levels of human relationship.
  • How’s your people EQ?
  • Learn the tell tale body language signals.
  • Pupil dilation holds some secrets.
  • Learn the learning value of each relationship.


( a nostalgic trip down memory lane)

SESSION DESCRIPTION:   This show takes the attendees on a nostalgic roller coaster ride of emotional experiences via the use of short videos and an outstanding sound system with great music. The show is loaded with fun commentary to engage the audience with self deprecating humor which leaves the audience with a rich emotional experience. This show is ideal for senior centers, senior communities and senior parks or as a convention break out session.

Also available is a show called “You Be The Conductor” This truly engages the audience, large or small whereby “volunteers” are selected to be the conductor. Simply stated each “volunteer” is dressed for the occasion complete with the baton and asked to step on to the stage, face the audience and at the appropriate moment is cued to start and simulate a “conductor” as rousing music such as Strauss, Beethoven, Stravinsky etc are played over a superb sound system. The “volunteers” of course are coached and sometimes coaxed to participate and quite literally the audience explodes with laughter as their ‘friends” make fools of themselves with all the gestures of a REAL conductor. While this is going on with 6 to 10 volunteers each one is graded as to performance such as animation, gestures, emotional involvement and timing. A winners certificate is given by the “peer” judges and a “CHAMPION” certificates is awarded to all volunteers.. This show really unites the audience and brings to the table the opportunity for people to engage in fun activity.