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Music. Mood. Memories.

Session description

A 45 minute audio and visual roller coaster ride up, down and through memory lane. Using a projector, screen and superb sound system the session is (click here for copy of brochure) a series of 6-9 wonderful short videos that contain beautiful scenery, wonderful quotes and inspiring messages. The great music, words, pictures and nostalgic images serve to create a rich emotional experience with timely narration (click here to view and print the flyer / click here to view speaker intro video etc)

Optional addition to the above program (15 minutes)

You be the conductor

An optional 15 minute segment where 5 volunteer residents are selected from the audience to role play one at a time and perform a 1-3 minute simulation of “conducting” to their friends and fellow residents. As each performer steps up to the podium they would be suitably introduced and donned with a tux and baton. The previously selected “famous” musical pieces each participant will be “conducting” will also be introduced .The selected musical pieces will include lively renditions of famous classics’ such as Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Handel, Mozart, Bach, Chopin, and Rachmaninoff. The audience will be given a performer check list and a winner will be selected and given a prize and a “winner’s award certificate”. A picture of the winning “conductor” will be taken for submission to the company news bulletin This is a fun filled activity with lots of interaction and audience connectivity and leaves the audience with a positive learning experience and a true sense of participation and audience enjoyment.

Health Wealth & Happiness

Session Description

Are you up on the latest breakthroughs in health, wealth and happiness that could save your life and bring you financial freedom?In his eye-opening talk, David Selley gives you a concise, cutting-edge run-down on health care alternatives that could keep you away from the surgeon’s knife and invasive therapies. In his quest for the holy grail of physical healing, he’s personally tested unconventional modalities that offer alternatives to toxic medical care. “We’ve all been bamboozled into believing in a medical system that’s not working,” he explains. He’ll demystify colonics, chelation therapy, and the amazing ionic foot bath, which drains toxins from your body before your eyes. “This is not witchcraft,” says David, who points out that the U.S. ranks 17th in health care among western nations and ranks 47th in longevity. “Obesity, diabetes and heart problems are out of control. There’s a real need for change in our health care options.”

Along with health, you need economic freedom to live the good life. “Wealth is an attitude,” says David, “but once you believe that you can be wealthy, you need a vehicle that delivers the goods.” David tracks down the best strategies for living a wealthy life, and his dynamic talk includes ways to become financially free – forever. A self-made real estate millionaire, he’ll share the latest breakthroughs in fiscal – as well as physical – fitness so that you can explore new pathways to the health, wealth and happiness you deserve. “I address the frustration you feel when your job’s not working, your health’s not up to par, and you’re not expressing your true talents,” he says, adding that he shows how to break free from financial slavery and point your life in a new direction. “Once you define your passions and change your attitude, you’re ready to bring in the money you need. It’s like finding the fulcrum – your personal jump-off point,” he explains. “When you’re sick and tired of being poor, sick and tired, you’re ready to move.” Drawing on his personal journey to financial freedom, he’ll show you how to find new money-making options and revenue sources that pay you for your unique talents. You’ll leave his enlightening talk excited about new options and eager to create the health and wealth that go hand in hand with happiness.

Born and educated in England, David Selley graduated from Bridgewater Technical Institute before immigrating to Canada where he studied economics at the University of British Columbia. After immigrating to the United States he spent twenty-five years in sales and management positions with Revlon, Helena Rubinstein, Lancôme and Charles of the Ritz. In his second career as an entrepreneur, he has owned businesses ranging from restaurants to manufacturing. He’s a graduate of Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen’s Enlightened Millionaire program and an expert in how to buy real estate with the “nothing down” system. He was inducted into the Enlightened Millionaire Institute’s Hall of Fame, he’s been featured in the national media and infomercials, and he’s a popular radio talk show guest. David is the CEO of Target Management Services, a sales and marketing organization, and is authoring two books: Health Wealth & Happiness (an anthology) and Triumph over Tragedy, the story of his son, who is a 100% disabled veteran. He recently launched a national chain of 100 manufactured housing parks that provide seniors with affordable, dignified housing, and he’s listed in Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen #1 best-selling book The One Minute Millionaire.

IDENTITY THEFT (Keynote or seminar)

How to prevent it, fix it, and comply with NEW Federal Laws


Identity theft is now Americas number one crime with an estimated ten million identities stolen each year and growing. The crime of identity theft spreads across all sections of society and is impacting individuals and all levels of business. This session will explain the problem and how to prevent and protect companies AND EMPLOYEES against civil and criminal lawsuits that can and do arise from compromised employee records.

After this presentation attendees will know:

  • Their legal responsibilities under the new laws.
  • What steps need to be taken to comply with new federal laws?
  • How to comply with Facta, Hippa and GLB regulations
  • The consequences of not complying
  • How to get employees involved and protected


“Yes it really works”

Session Description

This presentation is based on my own personal experience. I always say that documentation beats conversation every time. I am living proof. In less than two years I did 22 deals, sold over three million dollars worth of real estate and earned a personal profit of over $750.000. Since then I have done over 60 deals and continue to make handsome profits. I also say you can only teach what you have done and not from some classroom theory book.

After this presentation attendees will know:

  • What it takes to “make it big”
  • What you will need to learn to be successful
  • How long it will take you
  • Develop the right attitude
  • Understand your market place
  • Learn exactly step by step the pitfalls
  • Create a work plan based on your own needs
  • Resources for continued education
  • How to set yourself up in business ( asset protection)
  • How to have all the realtors loving you
  • How to get your MBA ( massive bank account)
  • How to give away houses to those in need
  • How to market yourself and your business.

Note to Real estate investment clubs:

This is an ideal program for fund raising for your club. We do a 50/50% split on our $499.00 3CD course which contains a work book and all the forms plus on line available help to coach students to success.


A Tribute to My Son by David Selley

Just before dawn on a spring morning in 1988, my wife and I received the phone call that all parents fear. Eighteen months earlier, our son, Steven, had eagerly enlisted in the United States Air Force and been shipped off to a tactical nuclear airbase in Germany. Uncle Sam had called – and they did get one good man. But now my son’s voice was barely audible over the phone – it was clear he was gravelly ill. My wife booked a flight and rushed to his side. We’d weathered many crises in our 45-year marriage, but the nightmare that was happening to Steven was about to change our lives forever.

While driving home from an Air Force ski meet in Austria, our son, then 19, was struck by sudden, excruciating pain. He managed to get to the base hospital, where doctors diagnosed his condition as everything from appendicitis to AIDS. Meanwhile, he grew worse by the day, and after three months of medical mismanagement, it looked like he might not make it. My wife watched helplessly as Steven, strapped to a gurney, was tortured by unspeakable pain. The morphine shots he was given at three-hour intervals only seemed to add to his discomfort. Finally, staff internist Capt. Eileen Boucher came up with an accurate diagnosis: Steven was suffering from Varicella Zoster – a dangerous form of shingles that had attacked his bladder, causing sudden and painful nerve damage.

How could this disease – generally associated with older folk – strike our healthy 19-year-old son? It’s true he’d been doing chemical washes on tactical nuclear bombs, and it’s possible that had compromised his immune system. But whatever the cause, the correct diagnosis came too late, and Steven is now permanently disabled – a chronic pain patient who must take 300 milligrams of morphine every day just to function.

You’ve heard stories of parents rushing into a burning house to save their child? Well, that day came for me when Dr. Lawrence Miller at the National Institute of Health (NIS) in Bethesda, Maryland, told me that if Steven didn’t get proper treatment now, he would die. That day I charged into the fire, plunging into a hyper-vigilant state with just one purpose: to save my son’s life. I knew I had to get Steven out of Germany and out of military hospitals immediately, or forever pay the consequences. His condition was worsening by the day, and every day seemed like an eternity.

Some things you never forget, like the day you get married, the birth of your children, the death of a loved one – and what happened next is seared into my brain forever. Twenty fours hours before the air evacuation was authorized, I’d made an impassioned plea to the base commander, a colonel and an MD, to transfer my son back to the U.S. He denied my request, stating arrogantly that our son – who’d lost 27 pounds and was dying before our eyes – was getting adequate medical care. “We get busy-body fathers like you and congressional inquiries all the time,” he said, as if these were minor annoyances. “I won’t change my mind.”

Within minutes of this brush-off, I stormed into my Congressman’s office and vented my total rage and frustration. As a father himself with a son the same age, Elton Gallegly (R) and I had become somewhat close as this nightmare developed. Now he picked up the phone and immediately reached James Carlucci, then-secretary of the Air Force, and within twenty-four hours my wife and son were on a medical transport headed back to the U.S. Mission accomplished!

On my 50th birthday, May 28, 1988, I watched the small medical transport jet land in San Antonio, Texas, with my wife and son on board. Within minutes an ambulance backed up to the emergency doors of the Wilford Hall Medical Center, and for the first time I witnessed the devastation in my son’s body that had taken place over the last four months. My wife, angel that she is, was beaten to an emotional pulp. We collapsed into each other’s arms as they wheeled Steven’s gurney into a holding room as he screamed for much-delayed pain medication.

To add insult to injury, the story did not end there. After fifteen years, thirty-seven hospitalizations, hundreds of emergency treatments and a relentless effort on my part, the Veterans Administration finally granted Steven his pension. Needless to say, when you go on a mission to save your child’s life, you are exposed to situations and issues that most people can’t even imagine. In the end, the military got their good man and I found my hero – my son, my inspiration. Steven married his nurse and they just had a child – our first grandson. He gets my Medal of Honor for turning tragedy into triumph.

Today you’re looking at a morphed 65-year-old on a mission. Even though my wife and I took on three branches of the federal government and won, the experience left us financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually devastated. I guess I was in that place where “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.” I can honestly say that it’s no coincidence that Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen came into my life. Since I have been involved in their Enlightened Millionaire program, my life has changed dramatically, I’ve prospered, and I have a screaming need to make back – and give back – the millions lost while I battled to save my son’s life. It is my hope and dream that my growing real estate business and speaking career, along with my national chain of senior manufactured housing parks and my book, Health, Wealth and Happiness, featuring twenty-four world-renowned experts, will help millions. Thank you for being part of my personal growth.

A postscript for those of faith: A worldwide prayer vigil was being held for Steven as I set off for San Antonio to meet my wife and son when they arrived from Germany. While changing planes at the Dallas airport, I chatted with a distinguished man who asked, “What brings you to San Antonio?” As we waited for the boarding call, I poured out my heart to him, saying that I was waging war with the U.S. Air Force. He listened attentively, then said: “Mr. Selley, what you say is very interesting. I am Col. James Jacobson, Medical Director of the Wilford Hall Medical Center. Your son will receive the finest treatment available, and I will personally keep you informed.” As he spoke, I felt a great sense of calm. Coincidence? Maybe. Prayer answered? I think so! Col. Jacobson was as good as his word, and we knew that even though Steven faced many challenges ahead, at last he was in good hands

The Entrepreneurial Spirit: If I Can Do It So Can You!

Session Description

This spirited, fun and information rich fact filled session of “How To “ is based on 18,250 days of experience. It is designed to give your audience a chance to look at the real facts about being an entrepreneur. The inside secrets from someone who has done it, can prove it, and is willing to teach it

After This Presentation Attendees Will Know How To:

  • Really understand what it means to be an entrepreneur
  • Be able to take the test before they jump
  • Analyze their skill sets to make solid decisions on facts rather than just the dream of freedom
  • What field to choose (Product or service?)
  • Build a solid publicity campaign
  • Create a big network of like minded thinkers
  • Understanding the risks and rewards
  • Embrace the changes and how they will affect your life, impact family and friends
  • Develop ongoing marketing strategies
  • How to build an Internet presence
  • Discover techniques for creative assessment of new projects